Since you are reading this, you have decided to look into Selling your home. Selling your home requires a Real Estate Broker your comfortable with and can trust with probably your largest investment. When Selling your home the two most important considerations are:

1) Your Real Estate Broker.

2) Pricing your Home.

In that order, your Real Estate Broker will guide you on No. 2. Remember without an able and willing buyer and an able and willing lender you have no Sale. Most importantly, you need to choose a Realtor® you can trust. This is so crucial with the myriad of expected, required, requested and mandated disclosures along with the high emphasis on the Pre-Sale Home Inspections here in the most consumer oriented state of California. This makes it imperative that you choose an Ethical (Honest) and Experienced Real Estate Broker, who knows how to protect you and get the most for your property.

Remember the foregoing demonstrates the importance of the Real Estate person you choose, it can mean a great deal of time, money and heartache.

I am always willing to answer Real Estate questions, give me an Email: or a call at (909) 983-2892.

Our Next Post Will BE:  “Pre-Qualified v. Pre-Approved”

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